Weekly Photo Challenge — E. 3 –Face

I have decided to join the weekly photo challenge.  So, here goes!

Face is such an important word.  Faces represent who we are and are the seat of how we express ourselves.  They contain our voice.  They are our voice.  They are also our window to the world.  We sense the world through sight and/or sound — through important senses that are part of our face.

I took these pictures of different faces around my home.  They are taken with my phone camera.  The following faces represent cultural images from places I have lived.


When I think about face I also think about how many different meanings there are associated with face.


And there are faces on our toys.  They play with us and we with them.


No faces are more important than the ones we love.  Those are the best faces.




2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge — E. 3 –Face

    1. The three faces are of Indonesian wayang golek which are puppets used to tell the story of the Ramayana and other folk tales. The ones in the picture are ones bought in the villages of Indonesia on the side of the road. There are some masterful ones that were out of my price range! Below the wayang is a clock I bought for my father long ago. Then a flying monkey from Woot! And finally, the faces of my daughter and grandchildren. I hope to add faces of my sons and grandsons when I can take those pictures.


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