Today’s daily prompt.  Flourish.  It feels like a “Go forth and prosper” kind of word.

Every month I give a workshop on organizational culture to a group of individuals re-entering the community and potentially the workforce from having been incarcerated. It is one of the most rewarding volunteer activities I do.  I am constantly learning from the insights and reflections of my class.

Today we had a rewarding conversation about how to get to where you want to be.  We talked about how to become more self-aware so that you have more control over designing your future.  We didn’t skip the challenges and difficulties in doing this from the standpoint of someone re-entering society.  That was on the table.  But, we also talked about having clear, realistic goals to achieve the desired result.

So, flourishing is about being able to get what you need and being intentional about it.  One can take a bad situation and find the skills learned from going through hard times.  It is an art to be able to take the worst and turn it around.  It takes guts.  It also takes skills and a lot of self-reflection. Ultimately to flourish is to go beyond what is thought possible and find the best of the best possibilities.

I think of flourishing as a dance.  A dance reflecting the joy of living.  An eternal pleasure. A gift.


The featured image is a painting by Tricia Calvert. You can view her collection on Instagram.  I felt the color and vibrancy of this painting matched the feeling I get from the word flourish.


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