I am ruminating about today’s word prompt, pensive.

On the one hand, it leads me to meditate on one of my favorite topics, the intercultural way.  Why, you might ask? Part of understanding how we as cultural beings navigate this world is to be pensive.  When we travel and live in a different culture, we are constantly being met by different ways of thinking, different ways of expressing the same values, different value systems, and a host of obvious and not so obvious difference.  The best way to negotiate the differences is to become introspective.  By thoughtfully reflecting on our own values and ways of thinking and doing, we begin to notice more about where the differences lie and we also have more power to decide which changes we want to conform to and which changes are a part of our core.

So, pensiveness is important.  It is a gift.  It also reminds me of sitting outside on a spring day (like today), feeling the cool breeze against my cheek and listening to the birds sing.  At those moments, thoughts come and go like water in a gentle brook.  The best part of a quiet moment is contemplation.  The opportunity to reflect as if seeing oneself for the first time from the deep waters of a cool pond.

Ruminating on pensive wings

I fly

Unencumbered by gravity’s pull

Nothing becomes everything

Gliding on smooth currents

of my mind’s imagination

How cool the air as it sails beneath me

How deep the waters that carry my form

I reach past the apex

A gate beckons

And my invisible form breezes through

no barrier exists to keep me there

or here

Pensive, I fly.


The featured image is one by Tricia Calvert, a Dayton, Ohio artist.  You can view some of her collection on Instagram.  

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