I think being intentional is the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves.  Being intentional, living with purpose, means choosing our own direction, deciding our own future, designing the gifts from the past, and living in our own present.

I love the concept. It requires a little more effort than reacting to events every day.  It required a lot of self-reflection and decision-making.

I am constantly balancing my life between a number of passions.  I love the work I do in intercultural communication and in conflict resolution.  I love all the creative and innovative projects I work on.  I love being able to give back to my community.  I love the diversity that comes from all the interesting people I meet and interact with.  I love the scientists, the artists, the struggling, and the accomplished!

All the above passions are highlighted by the fact that I try to live an intentional life.  I intentionally seek out diverse people.  I intentionally open myself to new experiences and ideas.  I intentionally decide to do work that helps others.  I intentionally decide to learn and grow.

To get to where I am now, living and enjoying the present, I had to review my past.  Every time I see myself at a crossroads, I revisit that past for clues about what to plan for the future.  I don’t attach myself to my future plans. Rather, I enjoy my present state and put things in place for my dreamed future.  If it happens, I will be grateful. If not, I will redesign the future, reviewing the past, listening to my internal self, and paving a pathway towards a new future.

That is life with purpose.  Because to choose the future, I also partner with my values and beliefs.  The most important inform my plans and dreams.  The least important are noticed and saved or discarded depending on what I feel needs to be done.

The most important realization for me is that being intentional means I have much more control about how I feel and react in this world.  I have the control to let go of past injustices or circumstance and make my life a positive example for others.  Or, at the very least a positive example for me!


This post was written for the Daily Prompt:  Purpose.

The featured image is a sketch by Tricia Calvert.  She is a Dayton artist whose work I enjoy.  You can see more of her work on Instagram.

Please leave a comment or let me know what you thought about today’s post!  I look forward (REALLY!) to hearing from you.


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