This week’s photo challenge:  Spare.  It leads to too many possibilities.

Yesterday I had to trade in my spare tire. I took the wheel picture while waiting for my tires to be done. I have had fun roaming my home for spare parts.

First, spare change!  We all want some!


And who has a drawer full of potential spares?


There are lots of spare things around the house. Toys for grandchildren, games for grown-up children at heart, extra old glasses from Grandma, a scarf or shawl for cold winter days, books and spare mugs for rainy days!

If you live next door, there is always a spare cup of sugar!


And where do these spares go when we are done with them?  To antique houses willing to take your spare change!

Finally, there is often a spare bed for guests to share your spare time with you!


And, maybe, once in a while a spare stone to wish you peace and prosperity!


All of these pictures were taken with my phone!  It was fun to discover a few spares.  Although I am ashamed to say I have many, many more!

I would welcome any feedback you would like to share! It is always wonderful to hear from readers.


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