Let me envelop you

like the big, blue sky

surrounding you in my infinity

warming you with the rays

of sunlight moving through me

in summer

I know when you are down,

sadness clouding the light

of my expanse

you do not see me

yet i am always there

letting you breathe me in

sometimes, the clouds you form

in your anger and disgust

touch down to earth

in horrendous wind

blinding rain

but i am still there

letting you breathe me in

waiting until the calm

when i can again be seen

in cerulean blue hues

letting you know

my touch, my embrace

my oneness with you

with all

that you are

that you will become

that you have been

Let us walk together

in a meadow

where you will remember me

dressed in my best azure shades

Like phthalocyanine I bleed into you

Leaving an indelible mark

Of satisfaction

Peaceful repose on a quiet day

stretching into forever.


This was writing for the daily word: sky. The featured image was taken by my phone outside my home.  I love the sky!

Please feel free to leave a comment.  I love to hear from you!


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