oh those magical days

when life was a dance

with jellybeans

or icy snow, balled in a hand

waiting to find an easy target

when summer days were busy

meandering down the crick

drying tennis shoes on a rock

so mom doesn’t know

we used to swing on a vine

over the valley and through the trees

until someone cut our favorites down

fearful of finding us

still near the trunks of trees

I still remember my Tarzan call

the one i could emulate

as i swung across the poplar tree

when we played house on the gazebo roof

childhood never ends though

when life is lived with an inner joy

each moment a grandchild screams

that delightful fun filled laughter

bursts forth

the transport stations takes us there

back to childhood

when they roll down the hill struggling

to take their arms under

or when they try funnel cakes

at the fair for the first time

childhood calls us back to join

in the discovery

oh those magical days

are still with us…




This was written for the daily prompt:  childhood.  Please leave a comment or say hello.  I love to hear from readers!  The picture is my grandson wearing mittens his grandmother made!  Love this boy!



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