Numbers are everywhere.  In the contemplation of a piece of pie, the circumference of a circle, or anywhere.

Numbers tell time or tell us how far we have traveled and how fast we go.



Numbers tell us how much we owe, how much we have, can we get something more or get it for less? Numbers, like spare change, let us buy (or not) our favorite toys.


We rely on numbers to listen to music or hear the news.  Those numbers come with us as we travel.  And, numbers entertain us on quiet days at home as we put together our favorite puzzles.

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Numbers are what we dream about.  They are what we hope we get right so we don’t have to think about numbers anymore!

We love our numbers or we stress about the ones we lose.



Numbers help others find us.  How can we talk if we don’t know your number?


Numbers are fun, numbers are scary, numbers are mystical, and numbers are simple.



This was done for the weekly photo challenge: numbers.  Please leave a comment or tell me what you thought! I love the challenge thinking how to take pictures that are meaningful.  all the pictues were taken on my cell phone camera.

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