The word prompt today is connected.  It should be an easy word to prompt me to write.  I passed up playful and smooth.  They evoked some thoughts, but no action.

How we connect with one another is a central theme in all that I do and believe in. Connectedness is central to relationship building. But, it is also important to ideas and thoughts — to creativity.

So, here are the ways I love to connect.

  1. I listen.  I have worked hard over the years to learn how to listen. I admit I do have this nasty habit of interrupting.  Often, my thoughts spill out of my mouth way too soon.  In that way, I am not connected.  Yet, when I need to or when I see the other person needs me to, I have learned to stop and really listen.  Listening means making sure I also ask questions and clarify my understanding.
  2. I love the diversity each individual brings to the table.  I love being with and listening to people from very different backgrounds from my own.  I can be with someone from any country or region in the world and learn something new.  I can also be with someone from a very, different socio-economic background and listen to their stories.  It is all about learning a different perspective.  Like looking at any one thing from different angles gives us a different view of the same subject; so, too, does listening to someone from a different culture, ethnicity, neighborhood, or experience.
  3. I am creative.  I can take an idea and attach another idea to it and make it new.  Or, I can find a different way of looking at a problem, a new perspective, and bring about a creative solution to an old problem.  It is all about making new connections or gaining new perspectives.


Sometimes I think the act of being connected is the most important concept we have in life.  We can’t survive without it.  Children who don’t have the privilege of human touch and love (i.e. connection) fail to thrive.  Later in life, if we don’t have important relationships to help us through the difficult times, we fail to thrive.  And, if we don’t have connections in business, our businesses fail to thrive.

In this world, we need to be connected.  The truth is being connected brings a satisfaction, a serenity, a joy that makes living and working smooth (June 5) and playful (June 6).

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