That’s just it, isn’t it.  Today’s prompt is struggle. And, after all, who among us want’s to struggle?

Struggles can be good if the outcome is learning or an increase in welfare.

Struggles are not comfortable.  They take us away from our comfort zone.  To struggle is to be in the midst of conflict: internal or external.

I promised a poem since it has been a while since I wrote one.  So, here goes.


Who wants a struggle?

Who wants to make forceful efforts to be free?

Does the end justify the means?

Does wriggling and writhing within

the confines of a wall

so tightly constricting movement

help us break free?

Once free, what then?

Do we break free and walk on

saying, thank you I have done my job

I am free to be

But will you keep your foot down

restricting the next guy

struggling, wriggling, writhing

Is my battle the only one to be won?

Where is the circle of life

that feeds the soul of living?

Who frees the spirit

confined by years of thought

manufactured to create boundaries

restricting flight

where one can soar above it all

and gain the widest perspective

What struggle is it

when people are killed

in senseless actions

ignited in flames of emotion

so hardly understood

what about that struggle?

The struggle of souls yearning

to be free, to play, to love

It touches me

tears the passion

breaks the love

wondering why we can’t be

free from ugly hate

the struggle is so often unseen

walls that prevent

some from seeing the truth

beyond the wall.



The featured image is by Priscilla Westra from Unsplash. I really appreciate all the images on Unsplash.  Please leave a  comment!  I love to hear from you!



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