Curves (this week’s phot challenge) are the soft side of life.  They put a gentleness into things.  Without curves, we cannot live.

I have a picture of M. C. Escher on the masthead.  It is a picture of a picture that hangs on our wall.  It reminds me of the subtle, play on perspective that seems implausible and yet there it is in front of you.

And, think about the curves in this textile.  It is an Ikat where the threads were tied and died before weaving.  Look how nicely the curves are with this ancient technique.


And in the carving on this wood drawer from a piece of furniture created in Indonesia.  This is on a sideboard.  The carving was done in Sumatra and put together in Jakarta as furniture.20160417_125921

And, I like the curves on this old incense temple.


Finally, the curves in a painting created by my daughter.  Every time I look at it I am reminded of her.  It carried her spirit.



All of these pictures were created with my camera.  I took pictures of the M.C. Escher sketch on our wall and of the Indonesian textiles and sideboard.  I also took a picture of my daughter’s painting.  These are parts of me and my household.  

Please leave me a message.  I love to hear from  you!  

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