There is so much about partnering I would like to write.  But, when I think of it it is like two peas in a pod….two of something that create a unit!  Or maybe more than two….

So, all of the following pictures were taken from my phone.  They are items around the house as usual.

Two cockatoos from a Balinese painting…


A set of statues that I placed on my front porch to look nice.  I generally have them inside on a table, but it didn’t look enticing to me as a picture.  In Indonesia (Sumatra, I believe) these statues are placed during a wedding.  I can’t remember, but recall, the woman always sits on the left side of the man to represent the spiritual side of the union.  I don’t know if I placed them appropriately, but I like these old figures.  They are comforting to me.


Finally, I have two puppets we bought on the winding roads around Bandung, Indonesia.  They are not top quality puppets but are ones that are used to tell the Ramayana.  The heroes always display a softness by glancing downwards rather than straight at you.  They are halus characters.  Halus means refined.


I don’t have a group of partners.  Not sure what I would do with a group.But maybe there are groups of partners, as in these pictures I took in an Indian bazaar.


This is for the weekly photo challenge, partners.  

Please feel free to leave a comment!  I love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Partners in ?

  1. Hello, Its interesting contribution to this weeks photo challenge. I heard that when you sit on someones left side, you are closer to his heart and the person will like you more. So there must be something about the habbit you described. Nice post.


    1. I think there is something to say about sitting on the left side. I do like the idea of a spiritual side of ourselves. If a journey through life were a circle, we would start in the material world — the world of experience — and move into the spiritual side — the world of the mind and heart — over time.

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