Partners in ?

Partners in ?

There is so much about partnering I would like to write.  But, when I think of it it is like two peas in a pod….two of something that create a unit!  Or maybe more than two….

So, all of the following pictures were taken from my phone.  They are items around the house as usual.

Two cockatoos from a Balinese painting…


A set of statues that I placed on my front porch to look nice.  I generally have them inside on a table, but it didn’t look enticing to me as a picture.  In Indonesia (Sumatra, I believe) these statues are placed during a wedding.  I can’t remember, but recall, the woman always sits on the left side of the man to represent the spiritual side of the union.  I don’t know if I placed them appropriately, but I like these old figures.  They are comforting to me.


Finally, I have two puppets we bought on the winding roads around Bandung, Indonesia.  They are not top quality puppets but are ones that are used to tell the Ramayana.  The heroes always display a softness by glancing downwards rather than straight at you.  They are halus characters.  Halus means refined.


I don’t have a group of partners.  Not sure what I would do with a group.But maybe there are groups of partners, as in these pictures I took in an Indian bazaar.


This is for the weekly photo challenge, partners.  

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Numbers are everywhere.  In the contemplation of a piece of pie, the circumference of a circle, or anywhere.

Numbers tell time or tell us how far we have traveled and how fast we go.



Numbers tell us how much we owe, how much we have, can we get something more or get it for less? Numbers, like spare change, let us buy (or not) our favorite toys.


We rely on numbers to listen to music or hear the news.  Those numbers come with us as we travel.  And, numbers entertain us on quiet days at home as we put together our favorite puzzles.

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Numbers are what we dream about.  They are what we hope we get right so we don’t have to think about numbers anymore!

We love our numbers or we stress about the ones we lose.



Numbers help others find us.  How can we talk if we don’t know your number?


Numbers are fun, numbers are scary, numbers are mystical, and numbers are simple.



This was done for the weekly photo challenge: numbers.  Please leave a comment or tell me what you thought! I love the challenge thinking how to take pictures that are meaningful.  all the pictues were taken on my cell phone camera.



This week’s photo challenge:  Spare.  It leads to too many possibilities.

Yesterday I had to trade in my spare tire. I took the wheel picture while waiting for my tires to be done. I have had fun roaming my home for spare parts.

First, spare change!  We all want some!


And who has a drawer full of potential spares?


There are lots of spare things around the house. Toys for grandchildren, games for grown-up children at heart, extra old glasses from Grandma, a scarf or shawl for cold winter days, books and spare mugs for rainy days!

If you live next door, there is always a spare cup of sugar!


And where do these spares go when we are done with them?  To antique houses willing to take your spare change!

Finally, there is often a spare bed for guests to share your spare time with you!


And, maybe, once in a while a spare stone to wish you peace and prosperity!


All of these pictures were taken with my phone!  It was fun to discover a few spares.  Although I am ashamed to say I have many, many more!

I would welcome any feedback you would like to share! It is always wonderful to hear from readers.


Weekly Photo Challenge — E. 3 –Face

I have decided to join the weekly photo challenge.  So, here goes!

Face is such an important word.  Faces represent who we are and are the seat of how we express ourselves.  They contain our voice.  They are our voice.  They are also our window to the world.  We sense the world through sight and/or sound — through important senses that are part of our face.

I took these pictures of different faces around my home.  They are taken with my phone camera.  The following faces represent cultural images from places I have lived.


When I think about face I also think about how many different meanings there are associated with face.


And there are faces on our toys.  They play with us and we with them.


No faces are more important than the ones we love.  Those are the best faces.